Bangladesh Fisheries Research Forum (BFRF)

Research Projects

Completed Research projects during March to December 2005 under Bangladesh Fisheries Research Forum (BFRF) funded by AFGRP-DFID,UK

Title of Research Projects
Name of Researchers
Collaborative NGOs/Institute
Prawn Socio-economic and livelihoods of stakeholders at different levels of production, processing and marketing and value chain of freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) in greater Khulna and Noakhali areas of Bangladesh Discipline, Khulna University
Dr Md. Kawser Ahmed, Dept. of Fisheries. Dhaka University
Value chain of Aquatic products Study on marketing of aquatic products in Southeast region of Bangladesh Dr Serajul Islam, Dept of Agricultural Economics, BAU
Dr Nesar Ahmed, Faculty of Fisheries BAU
Dr Md. Aktaruzzaman, Dept of Agricultural Economics, BAU
Mud Crab Marketing and Value Chain Analyses of Mud Crab (Scylla serrata) in the Coastal Communities of Bangladesh Dr Mohammad Zafar, Institute of marine Sciences, CU
Dr Nazmul Ahsan, FMRT Discipline, Khulna University
COAST Trust &
Gono Unnayan Shanstha (GUS)
Mollusc Mollusc marketing system through value chain analysis with special emphasis on livelihood of the poor fishermen. Dr Mohammed Solaiman, Dept of Marketing, CU
Dr Kh. Anisul Huq, FMRT Discipline, Khulna University
Dr Ali Reza Faruk, Faculty of Fisheries, BAU
Dr M.Ali Reza Hossain Faculty of Fisheries, BAU
Socio economic/
Participation of women in production, processing and marketing of freshwater prawn (Golda) & dried fish in two coastal districts of Bangladesh. Approaches toward sustainable livelihood. Dr Md. Kawser Ahmed, Dept of Fisheries, Dhaka University
Dr Mohammed Solaiman, Dept of Marketing, CU
CODEC & GNAEP partner NGOs in
Marine Dry Fish Value chain analysis in the production and marketing of post harvest fishery products (PHFP) in the coastal belt of Bangladesh Dr Munir Ahmed, TARA &
Md. Shamsuddoha, Coast trust
Dr Nazrul Islam, Faculty of Fisheries, BAU
COAST Trust-Chittagong
GIS in Coastal Aquaculture Studies on the present status and future potential of Mollusc dry fish and crab in Bangladesh coast: A GIS methodological perspective to improve the livelihood of coastal communities Dr M.,A. Salam, Faculty of Fisheries, BAU
M. Shahadat Hossian, Institute of Marine Sciences, CU
Hasnein Bin Tareque, FMRT Discipline, Khulna University KU