Bangladesh Fisheries Research Forum (BFRF)



1. Develop networking among fisheries professionals and institutions in different public and private sectors
2. Share and exchange of knowledge and experience gained through research, extension and development activities to promote growth in the fisheries sector
3. Initiate discussion and dialogue among different stakeholders for identification and prioritization of researchable issues in the sector and assist the policy makers and planners in the implementation of the programmes
4. Assist public and private sector organization, donors and development partners in
the exploration of areas for investment for rapid and sustainable development
5. Secure research funding from different national, international and donor organizations and offer research awards to the individual scientist or group of scientists working in different organizations on purely competitive basis to address the demand driven research that improves livelihood of the poor masses
6. Organize workshop, seminar, conference, dialogue and training programmes on a regular basis
7. Offer support services to the industries, government and private sectors through providing consultancy
8. Prepare data base on the knowledge pool and aquatic resources of Bangladesh
9. Publish Forum News Letter and other publications and maintain a webpage
10. Award Forum Crest and Certificate to the best researcher (s) and contributor (s) to the fisheries sector